4 Ways a Criminal Lawyer Can Help You

Criminal lawyers are an important part of the legal system. They ensure the checks and balance system works, says Rewire. If you’re wondering how a criminal lawyer like Chad Lewin can help you, find out by reading through the following:

Negotiate a deal

Your lawyer will work with you and the prosecutor to reduce your sentence. A good one will carefully assess your situation to find out the best ways on how to eliminate some, if not all, of the charges brought against you.

Reduce your sentence

An experienced and aggressive criminal lawyer like Chad Lewin will know what steps to take to reduce your sentence. For instance, instead of spending ten months in jail, your lawyer can work on your behalf to lower the charges. That’s going to result in only six months in jail. The rest of the four months, you may need to spend at a drug treatment facility. Your lawyer will emphasize that getting the right help to address the drug problem will help prevent you from making the same mistake in the future.

Guide you through the rules

It’s important that you follow the rules and regulations. But without a lawyer to tell you what these are, you might easily break a few within even knowing it. If you were to represent yourself, for instance, you may not know the right steps or understand the intricacies surrounding amendments to the Constitution. It’s best to leave all that work to a lawyer.

Spend time on your case

The best lawyer is dedicated to your case. He will spend more than enough time researching and investigating all possible avenues. He won’t forget to keep you appraised of the developments in your case. If there’s anything you don’t understand, your lawyer is going to be there to explain it to your satisfaction.

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