5 Differences Between Commercial and Residential HVAC

Even though both residential and commercial heating and air systems serve the same purpose, they can be vastly different. They often vary in terms of parts and mechanisms. One reason for this is homes and businesses are often drastically different in size. Here are the top five differences you’ll find between commercial and residential HVAC in Roswell.

  1. Size –– Perhaps the most noticeable difference between the two is the size. A residential HVAC in Roswell is a lot smaller than a commercial system. This is because it cools or heats a smaller area. A commercial system also has different components, such as thermostats, compressors, blowers and dampers, that are larger.
  2. Complexity –– Units both vary in their structural complexity. A commercial system needs to be more adaptable, depending on the size and type of the building it’s in, how many occupants there are and if it provides constant or periodic services. Commercial HVAC units are more complex because of the setting they are used in, such as manufacturing or selling fragile items.
  3. Drainage — All of the components for a commercial heating and air system are larger than for one used in a residential setting. This is true for the drainage system as well. Residential units serve a smaller area so the whole system can easily drain into a small pan placed outside. Commercial units have a number of pipes and pans for drainage purposes. This keeps it from overflowing.
  4. Placement –– A residential HVAC in Roswell is usually placed outside, typically at the side of a house. Commercial units may be placed on the roof or in a swamp cooler at the business.
  5. Maintenance Costs –– Maintaining a commercial system costs more than a residential one. This is primarily due to the complexity of a commercial unit and the type of mechanisms. A residential unit is simpler and is a standalone unit, but a commercial unit is more complex and requires a skilled technician to ensure it’s installed and maintained properly.

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