5 Must-Know Things Before Going to a Local Car Dealer

Going around by car is safer and more convenient these days. That’s why more families have bought cars in the wake of the pandemic. If you’re thinking about doing the same, here’s what you need to know before walking into a local car dealer in Oak Park.

Check out the inventory. What models fit your needs? Start comparing the costs and features of the available rides so you can decide which option suits you.

Check the Reviews

Know What You Want

Before buying from a local car dealer in Oak Park, go over customer reviews and feedback. Are there a lot of positive comments? A few negative reviews don’t matter since you can’t please everyone. But, if there’s too many, that’s a red flag.

Consider Your Monthly Budget

Determine how much room you have in your budget for monthly car payments. That should tell you how much you can afford and what your budget should be for the car. Keep that number in mind when you shop at a local car dealer in Oak Park.

Buy New or Used?

If you can afford the sticker price and want the latest features, a new car is your best bet. For better cost-savings, however, a used ride is better.

Think About Insurance

Your monthly budget should also include insurance costs. The good news is, new cars tend to have higher insurance costs because they’re higher in value than older models. Ask helpful staff at Genesis of Oak Park to find out how much insurance will cost you.

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