5 Reasons to Consider Truck Tire Retreads in San Antonio

Maybe you have a trusty box truck to make your small business deliveries. You could own a fleet of delivery vehicles and tire expenses are just as important to the large and small business owner these days. When it is time to see your truck tire specialists in San Antonio, you enjoy a wide range of benefits when you consider retreads for your vehicles.

1. Cost

New tires for commercial trucks are expensive. If you put a lot of miles each year on your vehicles, you may need new tires every year. Retreads come from used tires, but most worn commercial tires are still in good condition except for the treads. Retreading is cheaper than building new tires, so you save a lot of money on your truck tire purchases in San Antonio.

2. Safety

Safety is an important issue for commercial tires. You need to make sure your tires are as safe as possible. When you choose a trusted retread service, the tires are carefully inspected before re-treading. They x-ray the tires and make all necessary repairs before finishing, and the tires go through a final inspection.

3. Wear Like New Tires

Most truck tire issues in San Antonio concern worn-out treads. Quality retreads last as long as new tires, so you can expect just as many miles from your retreads as new ones.

4. Many Styles to Choose

The top retread services produce a large variety of tires. You should have no problem finding the right tread patterns and sizes for your trucks.

5. Eco-Friendly Solution

Each year, millions of tires get thrown away, and when you invest in retread tires, you are doing your part for the environment. It saves on rubber and energy needed to manufacture new tires. With finite oil supplies, it makes sense to conserve when possible.

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