5 Reasons To Use Automatic Hand Dryers In Your Restroom

When planning your restroom design for your business, you need to consider whether to choose a traditional paper towel dispenser, or use automatic hand dryers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages; however, many business owners agree that automatic dryers have an edge over paper towels. Here are 5 reasons to choose hand dryers for your restrooms.

1)  Environmentally friendly: Automatic dryers use fewer resources to manufacture, and don’t contribute to pollution or landfill waste. While they do use some electricity, it is much less than in older models, and some don’t use hot air at all. All of this means an environmentally friendly option for you, your employees and your customers.

2) Cost effective: Consider the fact that you will spend much less on paper towels, garbage bins and waste. This can save you hundreds of dollars over the year, adding to your bottom line.

3) Modern: As a business owner, you want your restroom to look as modern and clean as possible. Hand dryers are technologically advanced, giving customers the impression that you are an up-to-date establishment.

4) Sanitary: Today’s hand dryers offer infrared sensor technology that does not require any touching, making them a more sanitary option than paper towel dispensers.

5) Fast and efficient: With high-pressure air flow that is not too hot or too cold, hands can be dried in a matter of seconds, making them fast and efficient. Your customers can get back to their original purpose in your establishment (shopping, eating, etc.) You want them to buy from you, not spend half of the time in the restroom!

When you consider all of the benefits and cost-savings, hand dryers generally come out on top, but ultimately, you have to make the final decision on which system works best for you and your business.

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