5 Remodeling Tips to Create the Kitchen Space You Want

From gorgeous floors to kitchen cabinets and more, turning your cooking space into a fun and functional part of your home offers plenty of advantages. Don’t approach the project rashly, though. Use these tips to create the space you want.

Get pros

Hire an expert to design your space. Acorn Kitchen and Bath offers kitchen remodeling services that include design, installation, and the full-service project, from the design right down to the delivery and installation of everything your new kitchen will need.

Be clear about their services

Going online and looking for “kitchen remodeling in Clarkston, MI” should give you more than enough local options to check out. Once you have a firm in mind, ask for a quote. Be clear about what that quote covers. Get the details so you’ll know if the services you need are included or if you’ll have to pay extra to get them done like installing the flooring and tile backsplash or fixing the plumbing fixtures.

Think about what you want

The team will appreciate your input. They might be an expert on kitchen designs but knowing what you want out of that space will help them put together a layout and plan that’s specifically tailored to your needs that much faster.

Consider the traffic

Your design consultants will already factor this in. But you’ll want to think bring this up when you discuss options for your kitchen remodel. Do you have kids? Then you’ll want kid-friendly designs. There should also be enough space for human traffic.

Get the height right

Do you want to lower the stove? Make sure there’s enough room along the sides, though. Imagine if you’re using a huge pot. Will it fit into that space? Talk to your remodeling crew about that to avoid any design mistakes.

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