5 Ways to Fight Against Back Pain

Have a bad back? Often find yourself looking for ways to find pain relief for sore back muscles? While going for a back pain treatment like chiropractic therapy is an option, knowing a few things on how to overcome back pain will help you live and manage your pain better. Here are five ways from Express on how you can fight against back pain:

1. Sit up straight. Proper posture is important in keeping back pain away. By making sure your spine is in the proper position, you could keep a lot of stress and tension from building up on your shoulders.

2. Walk around. Most of us spend more than 10 hours at our desk, working to finish reports, answering emails and basically working that nine to five job. However, most of us often forget to walk around. If that’s you, then remember to take a few minutes every day to stretch your legs. A 15-minute walk outside is even better. Not only will you stretch your muscles, the walk will also do you some good, putting you in a more energetic frame of mind.

3. Lose the extra weight.  Because most of us lead sedentary lives, the lack of regular exercise and activity lead us to put on extra weight. Those extra pounds are an added strain for your spine which could be one reason why you suffer from chronic back pain. To keep this from happening, find a way to keep from putting on the pounds. If you’ve already put on the pounds, then make sure to pick an exercise regimen or fitness plan to help get you back in shape.

4. Avoid stress. Stress can be a factor in your back pain. Are you stressed to the point that you’re overeating? Does stress push you to spend hours and hours hunched over at your desk, trying to finish one project after another? Is stress keeping you at work longer? If these all describe you to a tee, then it might be time to consider looking for employment elsewhere. That or finding better ways to cope with stress at work.

5. Back pain treatment. Going for regular back pain treatment sessions is also one way to fight against back pain. Schedule your weekly or monthly treatments. This helps ease the buildup of tension in your body so the stress won’t build up in your body, especially along your shoulders.

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