5 Ways to Get More Storage Space Out of Your Closet

If your closet is crammed to the brim with disorganized piles of clothing, that could be why you’ve got little to no available space left. Here are a few ways to increase your closet storage.

Take away the clutter

The first thing you do is figure out how much space you have in your closet. Take out everything. Now that you can see your closet again, you can start folding your clothes and arranging them in neat, orderly piles. Do it the Marie-Kondo way if you want. Roll them all up. You’ll be surprised at how much closet storage you still have when you take the clutter away.

Sort through your clothes

Purge your closet. Look over your clothes and single out items you haven’t worn in more than ten years. Chuck those to the to-go pile. Decide which ones you’ll toss, give away or sell.

Do the hanger trick

One way to help you pinpoint which clothes you don’t wear at all or often is to turn all your hangers backwards, BuzzFeed says. When you wear anything, put it back to normal. In a few months, the ones you haven’t turned back will tell you which clothes need to go.

Use a rotating closet

If you still need more space for your clothes, then think about installing a rotating closet. Think of it as a lazy Susan for your clothes. Instead of just one cabinet, you get four revolving sides. That’s going to give you so much storage space to explore.

Get clear bins

If you’re going to put in storage bins for some of your clothes—which is a good idea for the seasonal pieces—get clear ones. That way, you’ll find them much easier instead of having to rummage through every bin on your revolving closet’s shelves.

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