5052-H32 Aluminum Sheet: Popular for All The Right Reasons

Some materials are popular for only a moment. They seize the public imagination for their flare, style or overall appearance. They may even provide a functional purpose, but this is often not the major reason for interior designers or others utilizing them. Aluminum does come into and out of admiration, however, in the case of 5052-H32 aluminum sheet, it is popular for all the right reasons.

5052-H32 Aluminum

Like all metals, aluminum is available in diverse grades. It also comes in different sizes, thicknesses, shapes, and forms. Aluminum sheet is a common form. While Alloy 1100 has high weldability and 1100 and 3003 have admirable qualities and properties, people continue to choose 5052-H32 aluminum sheet. They do so because it:

 * Has the highest fatigue strength alloy of these non-heat-treatable grades of aluminum
 * Gains improved strength when annealed therefore reducing instances of tearing
 * Possesses good resistance to salt water corrosion as common in a marine atmosphere
 * Exhibits excellent formability/workability – easily worked and drawn into complex shapes
 * Offers good weldability and fair machinability

This, and the price (It is less expensive than other alloys) ensures the popularity of 5052-H32 aluminum sheet continues in certain applications.

Common Applications

The properties of 5052-H32 make it useful and common in many applications. Among the most common are:

 * Aircraft
 * Buses (bodies)
 * Electrical enclosures
 * Fences
 * Food equipment
 * Fuel tanks
 * Marine craft (bodies and parts)
 * Refrigerators
 * Trailer (bodies)
 * Trucks (bodies)

5052-H32 Aluminum Sheet

If you are looking for a versatile metal, you do have options. While some prefer to work with stainless steel, others choose aluminum. They site its lightness and anti-corrosive qualities as properties they can utilize. Among the many grades and formats industries can use, one of the most popular is 5052-H32 aluminum sheet. It offers projects and products that must resist harsh environments the ability to provide corrosion resistance and durability for the long haul.

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