6 Reasons for Septic Pumping Repair in Bellingham, WA

Households suffer drainfield problems for a range of reasons. When problems are suspected, it’s important to call for Septic Pumping Repair in Bellingham WA as soon as possible. It’s hard to diagnose septic problems without professional help, but it may help to have a basic idea of what may be causing an issue. Below, homeowners will learn about the most common drain field issues.

Poor Maintenance Practices

When a septic system is neglected, sludge will gradually cause problems. For the family’s safety and the health of the septic system, ensure that it’s regularly pumped and maintained.

Ingrown Tree Roots

In most homes, tree roots don’t cause problems. However, they may cause serious damage to the drainfield and septic pipes if they’re allowed to grow into the system. It’s crucial to plant shrubs and trees a bit away from the drainfield and the rest of the septic system, as the roots will grow toward the water within.

Oil and Grease

It’s never a good idea to pour fat, grease, or oil down the drain as doing so may cause a buildup and clogging within the drain pipes. Always dispose of fat and oil in the trash, and don’t put it in the septic system.

An Old System

When the home’s septic system is old and outdated, it may not be able to meet the needs of a growing family. If the system has outlived its usefulness, a full replacement is the right solution.

Buildup of Sludge

The complete treatment of sludge in the septic tank depends on a mini-ecosystem of bacteria that remove sulfite and solids. When abrasive and harmful chemicals get into the septic system, it kills these beneficial bacteria and sludge grows unchecked.

Damage From Vehicles

The average home drainfield isn’t built to withstand significant loads, and it may be damaged when vehicles park on it. This is quite a common issue in homes with more vehicles than parking spaces. Parking on the drainfield compacts the soil, which negatively affects the septic system.

A home’s septic system is designed to work unobtrusively for many years, but they all need Septic Pumping Repair in Bellingham WA at some point. Visit the website to learn more about septic tank maintenance or call today to schedule an appointment.

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