A Bowed Basement Wall In Frederick Can Cause Serious Problems To A Home

A Bowed Basement Wall in Frederick can cause structural instability to a building. The shifting in the foundation can cause doors not to shut properly and create cracks in the wall. It also leaves the building less than structurally sound and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Bowing in a basement wall is could be caused by water pressure from ground water, expanding clay in the ground, tree roots or a frost heave. Identifying the exact cause and removing the problem begin the process of correcting the problem.

Bowing of a basement wall usually begins with tiny cracks in the grout between the cement blocks that will begin to show signs of moisture or water trickling in. In order to correct a Bowed Basement Wall in Frederick is to excavate the outside of the bowed wall to the footer of the home. The footer is the lowest spot of the basement that the cement block rest on. After the outside wall has been excavated, temporary jacks will be placed against the basement wall on the inside to move it back into its original position. In every hollow core, a reinforcement bar will be placed to keep the basement wall straight and prevent bowing.

Grout will need to be reinstalled inside of the home that had previously cracked. Another alternative is the use of carbon fiber wall reinforcements. This type of system bonds flat to the wall surface and is usually completed in one day. In addition, it is paintable and is very cost effective to repair damaged walls in a basement. Beams inside of a home that start at the floor and extend to the top of the basement could also be used to correcting a bowing wall. This type of system involves additional braces between the floor joices to ensure help anchor and secure the structure.

The basement is the foundation of a home and must be stable in order for a home to remain safe. If a homeowner has any signs of bowing or water entering the basement, they should contact a foundation repair company as soon as possible. Delaying the inevitable will only cause further and more costly repairs. For more information about foundation repair, please feel free to Click here.

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