A Brief Introduction to Multilingual Desktop Publishing

A simple definition of multilingual desktop publishing is a process that involves laying out and correctly localizing content.

How Did Early Desktop Publishing Begin?

The process of desktop publishing (DTP) began when a desktop computer was invented. Due to the early development of software that enhanced the speed in which magazines, papers, and brochures could be laid out and designed efficiently.

What Is the Process?

If you want to avoid problems later on, you should correctly prepare for documents to be translated. Whenever you are opting for such a service, there are few things that you should keep in mind.

First, take into account what your client wants. How will you localize the content?

Second, ensure that you leave sufficient space in your document so that it can be expanded with additional translation if required later. A very tightly formatted document will leave little to no room for formatting or changing later on. It is recommended to choose graphics that do not require translation. Finally, choose fonts that can support special characters.

Why Should You Use Multilingual Desktop Publishing?

Without multilingual desktop publishing, your document is likely going to be unreadable for your targeted audience. If you use this service, it will ensure that the integrity of your message is maintained across different cultures. If you opt for this service from a reputable company, then it would seem as if the content was created for your target audience in their native language. This will increase not only your reputation but also your revenue.

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