A Business That Provides Dog Grooming Services, Training Sessions, And Accommodations

Dog owners can keep their pet’s coat healthy and shiny by taking them to a business that provides dog grooming services. A licensed business offers a variety of procedures that are designed for dogs of all sizes. Dogs will be treated with compassion during each visit. Licensed specialists offer several packages to pamper each dog. Grooming procedures, baths, shed-reduction treatments, nail trims and teeth brushing are some of the services that are offered.

A pet owner can discuss their dog’s needs before agreeing upon any of the procedures. Once an individual decides upon the procedures that they would like their dog to receive, they can drop their pet off and pick them up after the appointment is over or wait with their pet while they are being cared for. Special shampoo and conditioner are used that contain natural ingredients. These ingredients are safe and will not cause any discomfort to the pets that are being provided with dog grooming services in Alexandria, VA.

At Fort Hunt Animal Hospital and similar establishments, boarding and obedience training are offered, as well. If a pet owner is going to be out of town or if they are busy working each day, they can drop off their pet so that they are able to interact with other dogs. Trained staff members interact with each dog and make sure that all of their needs are met. Pet owners are encouraged to drop off food items, bedding or toys if their pets will be more comfortable with familiar items. There is a large outdoor area for dogs to play and run in.

If a pet is showing some aggressive behavior or if they have never been trained to follow commands, they can attend obedience training sessions to learn new behaviors. Each trainer will take their time to teach the dogs that are in need of training. Pet owners are encouraged to participate in the training sessions so that they are able to assist their pets with commands when they get home. After dogs receive care at this business, they will look and feel great and make perfect companions for their pet owners.

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