A Carbonation System: Adding Fizz Into Your Beverage

Carbonated drinks remain among the most popular beverages on the market. While the market is showing a slight shift away from soft drinks, the market for carbonated drinks remains strong. Companies who strive to be successful in this field need to be adaptive. They need to understand the market and its changing demands for products. They also require a high quality carbonation system to ensure their beverages meet the high standards demanded by all involved.

Carbonation: The Fizz in your Drink

Most soft drinks have it. This is the bubbly sensation, or fizzy quality, your tongue feels. A carbonation system is responsible for this. It injects the water base of so many beverages with carbon dioxide. Pressure ensures the fizziness is retained until the removal of the lid releases it. Pressure can also result in the bottle, can or other container exploding if heat or vibrating pressure is applied.

Applications of a Carbonation System

Companies employ one or another type of carbonation systems to provide their beverages with the much-desired fizziness. The carbonation system they employ is designed to inject the right amount as required for different types of drinks. The carbonation equipment forces the ideal amount of carbon dioxide in a consistent amount into the water source. The water, free from any impurities, is the base for many different types of carbonated beverages. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Beer – although some carbonation occurs naturally, most are carbonated during the production process
  • Carbonated juices
  • Energy and related drinks
  • Sodas and other forms of pop – includes diet and low calorie soft drinks
  • Sparkling waters – becoming popular in many market
  • Sparkling wines – always popular during certain seasons e.g. champagne and in a specific market

It is important that the company purchase the right type of carbonation system. This will reduce the guesswork and allow you to adjust the amount of carbon dioxide for each dissimilar batch of beverages. After all, the optimal level of carbonation is not identical for all beverage. Beer production requires lower amounts of carbonation than does the manufacture of soda drinks of any type. Champagne and other sparkling wines have more than beer and soda do. In fact, the general level of carbonation in champagne is 1.5 times greater than that of soda pop.

The Right Carbonation System

Carbonation is essential in many of today’s popular beverages. From champagne to water to soda pop, carbon dioxide works its magic on drinks of all types. If this is your business, be certain you have the right carbonation system to suit the needs of your company and the taste buds of your customers.

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