A Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer In Olympia WA Helps Men and Women Who Are Being Harassed by Creditors

When someone owes money to numerous credit card companies and cannot pay even the minimum amounts due each month, some of the accounts may be transferred or sold to collection agencies. By the time a consumer contacts a Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer In Olympia WA, this person may have been harassed by debt collectors to the point where he or she hates hearing the phone ring.

Deception and Intimidation

Laws prohibit debt collectors from certain intimidating actions, but some routinely cross the line. They know the people they are demanding money from feel intimidated and anxious, and even scared. Those men and women are constantly worried that the situation will escalate and they will be facing a lawsuit.

Collection agencies cannot legally use deceptive practices, such as pretending a lawyer works within the agency and is ready to file suit at a moment’s notice. They are not allowed to yell or curse at consumers. Yet a large number of people can testify to the abuse they have endured from these representatives. Deceptive and abuses strategies are forbidden by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Borderline Behavior

Other debt collection agency representatives do not break any laws but act as aggressive as they are allowed to. These tactics don’t help the person pay the debt off any faster. In fact, those strategies often lead to an individual agreeing to payments that are too high to make for more than a month or two.

Consulting a Bankruptcy Attorney

When a person is too afraid to file a complaint against an agency that is blatantly breaking laws about behavior toward consumers, consulting a Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer In Olympia WA may be advisable. The attorney can explain what the person’s options are at this point after reviewing the debt situation. Lawyer such as Rafal Gorski want their clients to have the financial protection set forth by federal law. Different types of personal bankruptcy filings qualify.

Once a bankruptcy petition has been filed with the court, all credit card companies and collection agencies must immediate cease attempts to contact the person. If they do not stop, they can be held in contempt of court and be issued a hefty fine.

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