A Clean Bill Of Health For Your Mouth

Every time you see your dentist, you probably get the same kind of lecture. You’ll be asked how many times you brush, how many times you floss and then you’ll be asked if you’re having any pain in your mouth. Did you know that your dentist feels that flossing is even more important than brushing? Yes, you need to brush at least twice a day, but if you don’t floss, you’re missing a lot of debris in-between your teeth. That debris can cause an infection in your gums, and once that happens, you can be feeling pain. An infection can actually make you ill. It’s advice like this that makes your dentist your best friend. When you see your Dentist Park Ridge, you’re getting advice on not only your mouth, but your overall health.

Did you know that bleeding gums are not a normal state of being? Some people say that their gums only bleed when they floss, and feel this should be taken lightly. If your gums bleed for any reason, flossing, brushing or picking your teeth with a toothpick, you need to tell your dentist about it. This means there is something going on inside your mouth that isn’t right. You may have an infection in your gums. Your dentist can give you advice on how to deal with this problem.

Your mouth is not separate from your body, it is connected to your body and needs to be thought of in that manner. If your gums are infected, they can develop a gum disease which can affect other parts of your body. You can actually develop a heart condition and even experience a heart attack because of a gum disease. Don’t take your gum’s health lightly; it’s as serious as a heart attack. If you visit your dentist on a regular basis, just like having a checkup for the rest of your body, your dentist can make sure you don’t have any serious ailments in your mouth that will cause other problems in your body.

If you keep an ongoing regular checkup each six months, at the very least, you and your Dentist Park Ridge will be able to keep you in good health. This way your mouth will be part of a well-oiled machine, clean and working properly. Keep a regular scheduled check-up going at your North Shore Center of Dental Health.

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