A Close Focus On Premise Liability and How It Works

In case of an accident, many people think that the only person to be sued due to negligence is the person who actually caused the accident. The reality is that there are actually a number of people who can be sued.

The lawsuit may include people who refused to provide information about the incident, direct perpetrators and the person who owns the place where the accident took place. The fact that you were not around when the accident took place does not mean that you cannot be pressed charges in a court of law.

When an accident takes place in your property and you are not around, you will be taken to court to answer to charges. In other words, the owner of the property has been held to premises liability. Therefore, premise liability is a body of law which makes persons who own properties or land where the accident took place responsible for the injuries.

That means that premise liability lawyers are professionals who represent people who have been injured in the premises or land owned by the defendant. Premises liability lawyer in Georgia helps you to understand your rights under Georgia Law.

Cases Where Premise Liability Applies

There are a number of things that need to be considered before a property owner can be sued in a court of law. The thing is, premise liability does not apply to any property owner. For the premise liability to apply, the following things must be considered.

  • There must be an act of negligence or any other wrongful act. The court must be able to find an act of negligence on the part of the property owner for charges to be pressed. For example, if a child touches a naked electricity cable, the property owner has to answer to those charges. Why was the cable naked?
  • The court will also demand that the defendants must be the real owners of the property where the accident took place. If not then the case cannot take place.
  • The complainant must have been a visitor to the premises or land. For example, if you own an apartment, the person who gets injured must be your friend, neighbor or just anyone who comes to visit you.

Premises liability cases can be very tricky and that’s why you need premises liability lawyer in Georgia to represent you.

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