A Commercial Waterproofing Company In Costa Mesa Can Fix Wet Basements

Wet basements and moisture seeping into buildings through cracks in foundation walls or cement floors are not okay. If water can get into a building, the foundation is not forming the waterproof envelope that is needed. Moisture is more than an irritation; it can cause mold and insect problems. In addition, the moisture can expand and shrink causing cracks or holes to get larger. The stability of the whole building can be compromised. Moisture can damage equipment, paper goods, and stored products or belongings. A commercial waterproofing company in Costa Mesa can be the answer.

What Causes Wet Basements

The foundation, basement, or crawl space of any building is next to soil and water of the land the building is located on. Storms and flooding can change the soil water content and erode the packed soil supporting the building foundation. If a void in the underlying soil happens, the foundation can crack or sink inches. If the grading is wrong or changed by storms or nearby construction, water can begin flowing toward the building rather than away from it. This presents many problems. A higher water level can increase the hydrostatic pressure beneath a building or around basement walls.

If the building does not have proper water drainage in place, such as a gutter system, the water falling from the roof can run directly to the foundation walls. The cement forming the walls and floors of foundations and basements can be defective and create more pores than it should be. Cement can develop cracks that allow moisture in. Hydrostatic pressure can force water up and into floors and walls of basements creating moisture problems.

Drying Basements

A Commercial Waterproofing Company in Costa Mesa such as Crank Waterproofing can dry wet basements and foundations. The waterproofing experts will inspect the property inside and outside to determine the root causes of the moisture problems. They will create a report and an estimate of the cost of correcting the problems.

Some solutions are as simple as coating the foundation walls with a waterproof product. Some buildings need major foundation repair. The correct solution will add value to the building and cure water problems. Contact Crank Waterproofing for more information.

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