A Disability Attorney in Tumwater WA can Help you Win Your Case

Most Social Security disability claims are denied the first time, and again at the reconsideration level. These denials typically happen whether the claimant has an attorney or not; for this reason, most SSI and SSD claims will need to be taken in front of a judge before you can get benefits. At the administrative law hearing, having a disability attorney or advocate can make the difference between winning and losing your claim. A Disability Attorney TumWAter WA can’t guarantee that you will win, but they can guarantee that your case will be as solid as possible before the hearing.

Putting Together Your Disability Case

Most people do not know how to thoroughly and properly assemble a disability case before an administrative law hearing, while a disability attorney or advocate is familiar with Social Security’s regulations and rules. In most cases, your attorney will have many years of SSD and SSI experience; they’ll know what judges are looking for as far as particular conditions are concerned, and they’ll know exactly what to ask your physician.

Disability attorneys are almost always paid on a contingency basis, which means they get paid only if you prevail. Because of that fact, it’s in their best interest to ensure that the case they prepare has a high chance of success. Proper casework includes finding vital test results and medical records, getting statements from physicians, and applying their knowledge of Social Security regulations to your appeals process.

Your Chances of Winning Without Representation

Can you win your Social Security disability case without the help of a Disability Attorney TumWAter WA? The short answer is yes; it can and does happen. However, your odds of winning an administrative law hearing are diminished when you go before the judge without representation. In cases like these, where your livelihood is at stake, you’ll need to weigh the risk of trying the case without legal assistance against the percentage of your settlement which you’ll have to pay your attorney (currently capped at $6000).

Even those without legal representation who are successful in their Social Security disability cases may not get a favorable disability onset date, which can affect the amount of retroactive benefits received. The date a disability begins will determine how much back pay you get; therefore, an earlier date is important-;and a Disability Attorney TumWAter WA can help you get it.

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