A Family Attorney in Cleveland, TN Can Help Parents Avoid These Mistakes

When a couple chooses to end their marriage, child custody is often a top priority. While courts have taken on a collaborative view of custody and visitation, many important decisions must be made with the help of a family attorney in Cleveland, TN. Sometimes, parents fail to realize that their behavior out of court can jeopardize their chances of gaining custody. Below is a list of common mistakes parents make during the divorce process.

Verbal Denigration of the Other Spouse

No one expects a divorce to be happy, but it is important for parents to remain cordial. Where custody is concerned, courts like to see parents foster a good relationship. If a parent constantly badmouths the other parent, either in public or on social media, courts may hesitate to award custody to that person.

Undue Influence of a Child

If a child is of a certain age, the court may ask their opinion. However, the courts do not like to see a parent coaching or brainwashing the child into saying things they don’t mean. It is the court’s job to protect the child’s best interests, not those of the parents.

Making Unilateral Parenting Decisions

Divorce can cause upheaval in a family’s daily routine, and parents often struggle to deal with the new reality while giving children a sense of normalcy. It is important for parents to communicate openly on decisions concerning children’s education, health, and well-being. A parent who makes decisions unilaterally proves to the courts that they cannot cooperate with the other parent.

Living with New Partners

It is common for spouses to get into new relationships during a divorce. However, parents should handle such situations with care. Courts like to see parents providing the children with post-divorce continuity and, in many instances, living with a new partner does not fulfill that requirement.

Unrealistic Expectations

In the past, custody was typically awarded in one parent’s favor. Today’s courts prefer to preserve each parent’s role in a child’s upbringing as long as the parent is fit. Clients who pursue sole custody agreements as a means of punishing the other spouse are seldom viewed favorably by the court.

Those facing a divorce should contact a family attorney in Cleveland, TN if they have child custody concerns. The attorneys at are there to protect clients’ rights and interests throughout the process, and they can be valuable allies during a difficult time. Visit Cklplawfirm.com for more details.

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