A family that eats together stays together

Life in these modern times dictates that, for the majority of us, days will be spent rushing around making sure we tend to all of life’s little challenges. Be it work, play or simply taking care of the family, life is so fast paced nowadays. It is not uncommon for a family to pass each other on a morning on the way to the bathroom or rushing out of the house with breakfast in hand and that will be the only time each family member sees one another until the same time the following day. The most important element of all our lives should be our family but increasingly there does not seem to be enough hours in the day to enjoy the company of our loved ones. There is a solution.

Your dining table: the center of family life

Research has shown that the benefits of sitting down together once a day, around a dining table are huge, especially for your children. It does not matter whether that occasion is breakfast, lunch or dinner, what matters is the quality time spent talking and enjoying each other’s company. Conversations started around the dining table lead to an increased sense of togetherness in the family. Problems can be shared, laughter can be encouraged and communication will be restored. Family meals convey warmth, security and belonging.

Communication is not the only benefit. If you, as a parent, haven’t the time to ensure what it is your children are eating is healthy then you are opening the door for all kinds of possible nutritional problems. We all like fast food or takeaways. It is readily available wherever we go and tastes delicious but it is hardly healthy eating. By making the family sit together for at least one meal a day you will have the peace of mind that your family will, for one meal at least, be consuming all the necessary nutrients for them to lead a healthy life.

The decline of family eating

Recently the dining table has become almost defunct in our lives. When was the last time it was used in your household? Three or four times a year for family birthdays and the like? At present the norm is surely a family meal sat around the TV; that is if you can tear your children away from the internet or video games. The dining table should be a key element to family life. They do not have to be huge eyesores that take up half the space in a room. Dining tables come in all different shapes and sizes with traditional style tables promoting traditional values and beliefs that sometimes take a back seat in today’s world. Not only that but by selecting a good quality dining table you will be able to hand it down through the generations, a piece of history if you like. There are many furniture stores specializing in dining table in Salt Lake City UT. Take a look next time you’re in the area and remember, a family that eats together stays together.



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