A Few of the Trails Available for Mountain Biking in Cedar City, Utah

Some of the Trails Available for Mountain Biking in Cedar City, Utah Mounctain biking in Cedar City, Utah, is one of the many extraordinary activities you can do when in the southwestern part of the state. In the immediate area, you’ll find loads of trails to ride that vary in level of difficulty and landscape. One thing they all have in common are the beautiful views.

Iron Hills Trail System

This network of trails is located on BLM land and is composed of five different routes: “C” Trail; Iron Giant; Lichen It; Lava Flow; Green Hollow; Turnpike; Highlands Trail; and Boulder Dash. Their difficulty level ranges from easy to extremely difficult. It’s one of the most popular spots for mountain biking in Cedar City, Utah.

Forest Service Trails

Dark Hollow, Blowhard, Boulder Loop, Navajo Lake Loop and the Virgin River Rim Trail are a few of the trails that make up this network of Forest Service trails located in the Dixie National Forest. They range in difficulty from easy to difficult. The area is a leave-no-trace site and has limited to no services.

Three Peaks Recreation Area Mountain Bike Trail System

This system of trails is composed of the Race Course Loop, the Three Peaks Loop, Big Hole Loop, Twilight Zone, Outlaw, Petrified Whales, Moby Dick, and Lost World trails to name but a few. All are located in the Three Peaks Recreation Area and vary in level of difficulty from easy to extremely difficult. There are also a few man-made bridges and decks that form some of the trails.

For safety reasons, you should only bike when the trails are free of mud and excessive moisture.

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