A Few Signs Telling You That You’re the Perfect Candidate for Veneers

You’ve heard of dental veneers, but that doesn’t mean this is the best option for you. Well, the following signs will reveal if it’s time to make your appointment for porcelain veneers in Lakeview.

Severe Stains

Even with the best whitening tools, some stains can still be seen. If you’ve done all the treatments and see the stains are too deep, the best option is to just make an appointment for your porcelain veneers in Lakeview.

Cosmetic Problems

Stains are not the only reason to get veneers. For example, if you’ve got cracks or misshapen teeth, then veneers could be your answer. Even if your dentist is able to repair these cosmetic issues, the scars might be left behind. No one wants to see those, which is why veneers can be helpful.

Good Enamel

Veneers need an ample amount of enamel to stay on your teeth. It’s important that you have your dentist examine your enamel health to see if you can move on with this choice. If your enamel is damaged somehow, you may have to look for an alternative option.

Strong Gums

Those gums have to be in great condition. You don’t want to stress gums when they aren’t doing so well. The good thing is you can restore your gums if they are weak, but you’ll need to work with your dentist before you consider veneers.

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