A Grapevine TX Bondsman Provides Bail Service That Reduces the Risk of Serious Consequences

Just three days in jail after being arrested can cause serious damage to a person’s life, reports a 2018 article in The Nation. In that short time, defendants become at risk of losing their job, losing their home, and having a negative case outcome. A Grapevine TX Bondsman is available to assist when the defendant and the family cannot afford to pay the court cash bail.

Fast Service

Sometimes a judge can be persuaded to lower bail at the initial hearing, although by then, the three days may have passed. And even then, the defendant may still not be able to afford cash bail. Paying the service fee to a Grapevine TX Bondsman within 24 hours can prevent some of the biggest problems from developing after an arrest.

Capitalism in the Judicial System

People with more money are able to pay their bail as soon as the amount is set and walk out of the jail, free to resume a relatively normal life until the case ends. Many men and women are uncomfortable with the concept of capitalism applied to the justice system. It’s one thing for wealthier citizens to be able to buy more expensive cars and to travel to the Cayman Islands every winter. It’s quite another for them to be able to buy their freedom when so many cannot.

The Importance of Quick Release

Some families are anxious to have their loved ones released because the defendant has a mental health disorder, a drug or alcohol addiction, or a higher risk of suicidal behavior. They fear that the worst could happen while this individual is locked in a cell without medical care or proper supervision. They turn to Bail Bonding Services, looking to get their friend or relative released as soon as possible. Even three days may be too much for someone with major depression, panic attacks, or a severe addiction to alcohol.

Waiting in jail is difficult and incredibly troubling. It can lead depressed, scared and pessimistic individuals to attempt suicide. It can result in an addict having a life-threatening withdrawal reaction. For these reasons, relatives and friends turn to Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds for help.

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