A Look at Neil Camenker Profile

Neil Camenker is an accomplished businessman who has multiple talents. He has shown his ability to face both risks and challenges that are involved in business. He has helped to grow and sell companies from the bottom. One of his many achievements is Beeper City, a wireless business that he made into a sophisticated retail chain that is found in several states. Later, he sold the company for millions of dollars.

Neil Camenker Profile

Neil Camenker’s life is full of success and dedication. His story is a multifaceted one full of drive and vitality. Neil knows how to start retail stores from scratch, and he knows about merchants and trading profits. He reads intensely and devotes his time to hobbies like golf and staying committing to his wife, Tracine, and his two children. Neil knows how to balance a rich personal life with an experienced professional one, but he does value family most of all.

Neil Camenker Achievements

One example of Neil’s success took place from the 1980s to the 1990s. He started a wireless company, planted a string of successful retail stores in 10 states, and created unified customer service. In 1999, Neil gave the chain away and received large profits. Then, he developed and sold merchant accounts that supported popular credit card processors. Currently, he has ownership of a Visa and MasterCard gateway. Furthermore, Neil has traded currency on the foreign exchange market. He serves as the CEO of the PayPoint USA company that serves all types of businesspeople that need finances for startups and developments.

In spite of his complex schedule, Neil enjoys the fine details in life. He plays golf frequently and has won several awards. As he grew his retail stores, he grabbed games between work sessions. He passed his interests onto his family. When he is not advancing his professional ambitions, he is poring over a book and getting engaged with his children. He likes to dine out, stay active in sports, and finds way to increase his passionate life.

As a managing professional, Neil is usually involved in the beginning phases of new businesses. One look at The Neil Camenker Profile shows that he offers versatility. Owners of fully developed businesses will benefit from his proven expertise and high success numbers.

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