A Look At Shoutcast Server Hosting

A Shoutcast server hosting plan is designed to meet the needs of hosting customers that stream music and videos to visitors on their websites. Shoutcast is a platform that enables the creation and support of an Internet radio station. As customers who stream media directly to their visitors can have unique bandwidth needs, some hosting companies offer tailored plans to their Shoutcast customers.

Internet Radio

An Internet radio station allows a website to play a list of songs directly to listeners. Websites that utilize Shoutcast can play songs that are stored on a person’s computer, or they can play songs that are stored on the server where the website is hosted. Auto DJ is a feature of Shoutcast that can be used to stream songs without the need for someone to manually select what is broadcast to visitors. The songs played can be grabbed directly from the server, eliminating the need for the station to continuously connect to a remote machine.

Customizable Features and Reporting

The Shoutcast hosting plan you purchase is generally dependent upon the number of listeners you expect to tune-in to your station. It may be better to purchase more bandwidth than not enough, so it may be a good idea not to be conservative when estimating the number of listeners you expect to have each month.

Some companies also offer plans that allocate bandwidth instead of issuing bandwidth at a flat rate. These plans may be a good option for stations that are just starting out, as they are cost-effective, and they allow you to get a good feel for the number of visitors that listen to your station each month. The bitrate of your station is another customizable feature. If you want to stream your music at a higher rate, you can take that into consideration when purchasing your hosting plan.

With Shoutcast server hosting, you may be able to track the data associated with the number of people who visit your website and listen to your radio station. Sometimes, a customizable control panel that is specifically designed for Shoutcast is available from a hosting a company. With the control panel, you can track the number of listeners who tune-in over time, and you can see where they are located.

Given the options offered as part of a Shoutcast server hosting plan, it may be the best choice for anyone who operates an Internet radio station.

If you want to start an Internet radio station, you may want to investigate your options for Shoutcast server hosting. With Shoutcast server hosting, you can choose the type of hosting plan you need based on the average number of listeners on your site. For more details visit us online!

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