A Look at The Inter Milan Jersey 2014

Inter Milan is the common name for F.C. Internazionale Milano, an Italian football team. For you Americans, that’s soccer. If you’re a fan of Inter Milan, you might want to show your team pride with a jersey. Check out newsoccerkit for an inter milan jersey 2014. The store sells the newest jerseys and as well as those from the past.

Inter Milan Colors

For most of the team’s life, the colors have been black and blue. The black and blue usually form stripes. It is said that black represents the night sky and blue represents the day sky. The black and blue jersey is worn for home matches. For away matches, the color is red, and a third kit uses white. The Milan city flag is white with a red cross, which is where the red and white kits come from. The inter milan jersey 2014 uses the same colors, but has changed things up a bit. Some kits over the years have had a snake, a symbol from the House of Sforza.

Inter Milan Jersey 2014

Newsoccerkit.com sells the player version of the Inter Milan home jersey worn in the 2013-2014 year. The home jersey is the traditional blue and back. Instead of the usual stripes, the jersey is all blue with black crosses. The crosses come from the Milan flag, although usually red. The jersey has all the logos, including Pirelli, Nike, and the FCIM logo. FCIM stands for the team’s entire name, Football Club Internazionale Milano. You can also purchase a polo shirt with the traditional blue and black stripes.

Training Shirts

Instead of a jersey, you can purchase training shirts. They are lighter and do not have all the jersey logos. They have the Nike and FCIM logos, but not the Pirelli. They are great for showing team pride. You can get the blue and black cross shirt, as well as a red version to a dark and lighter red. The white training shirt is the most interesting. It has a snake logo on the back, representing the House of Sforza, an important ruling party of Milan many years ago.

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