A Reputable Driveway Contractor in LaGrange, GA

Do you have a driveway that’s beginning to look weathered and unkempt? Have you been giving a lot of thought lately to getting your driveway repaved or replaced? Perhaps you’re not dissatisfied with the finish of your driveway as much as the size. Maybe an extended driveway would provide more room for visitors, friends and family.

Phenix Paving & Maintenance, LLC is the largest residential driveway contracting company in the metro area. They are blacktop driveway specialists. Totally committed to outstanding service, they use only the best quality of asphalt. They also employ the use of proven installation methods to create driveways that will last.

The services they provided include:

  • Add Ons and Repairs – Driveways can be completely installed, repaired or expanded, if necessary.
  • Maintenance – They provide seal to protect and keep your driveway looking new as well as making it easier to clean in the snowy winter months.
  • Warranty and Service – Everything done is explained up front and they always back up their service.

Phenix Paving & Maintenance, LLC installs driveways and provides a free estimate any time of the year.If you are in need of some help with your driveway, this is one Driveway contractor in LaGrange, GA. Contact today.

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