A Waterproof Basement In Boston MA Will Be Protected

Musty smells and mold in a home are a sign the basement has a water problem. A waterproof basement in Boston MA will keep a home from structurally failing and eliminate mold and allergens. The main reason for a damp or wet basement is due to failing French drains on the outside or inside of a home.

Another reason a basement is damp or wet is water is pushing against the wall and seeping in through the block or concrete. Before water becomes a larger problem, a homeowner should obtain a free assessment and estimate of restoring their basement to the living conditions. The longer the water problem is not solved, the better chance a homeowner has of structural failure, including cracks in the walls and floors.

French Drains

French drains have evolved over the years in construction. Years ago, these drains were square tiles along the footer of a home. Silt and other debris would filter through the ground and clog the drain.

The standard choice for many homes today is internal French drains that lead to a sump pump pit. Indoor drains are easier to monitor and install. There is never a need to excavate the outside of a home and remove landscaping, trees, sidewalks or driveways.

The Installation Of A French Drain

An indoor French drain is installed by removing a small amount of dirt around the footer of the home and filling it with gravel. A series of pipes are connected together and the ditch is backfilled and finished with concrete. The drains lead to the sump pump pit and a pump pushes the water out and away from the home.

Another waterproof basement in Boston MA solution is the installation of foundation wall wrap. This wrap seals the moisture and other toxic substances out. Radon gas and other toxic substances will be blocked from entering the basement and living space.

The weather patterns are always changing and a damp basement will never be corrected without the help of an experienced basement waterproofing company. Do not let the largest investment of your life be destroyed by water. Visit Drycretewp.com for more information today.

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