A Workplace Injury Attorney in Des Moines IA May Find Reasons to File a Lawsuit

Statistics show that the national rate of injuries in the workplace is highest in relatively small businesses: those with 50 to 249 employees. A broad range of work injuries occurs every year, ranging from somewhat mild problems to incidents that cause permanent disability or even a fatality. A workplace injury attorney in Des Moines IA usually represents people who have been seriously injured and want to make sure they receive the financial compensation they deserve.

Permanent Consequences

Many injuries can have permanent consequences. Being struck in the face by equipment can cause blindness in an eye or noticeable disfigurement. Fingers and limbs can be amputated or crushed in machinery. A severe head injury can cause permanent memory problems or remarkable changes in personality. Falling from a height may cause a spinal cord injury resulting in partial paralysis.

Equipment Malfunction

Workers compensation covers most injury-related situations in the workplace. Employees, by law, cannot sue their employers regarding workplace injuries. However, if the incident occurred because of an equipment malfunction not due to owner negligence, a workplace injury attorney in Des Moines IA may consider filing suit against the manufacturer.

A scaffolding collapse, for example, could be the result of defective equipment. The employee then could receive more compensation that would be more reasonable considering the severity and long-term consequences of the injuries.

Independent Contractors

Independent contractors are generally not covered by workers comp, although some individuals working for a temporary placement agency are covered. They are working as W-2 employees and not as 1099 self-employed contractors. Contractors who are seriously harmed at work may need an attorney to help them file suit against the company, the equipment manufacturer or any other entity that may be liable.

Liability of a Third Party

A third party also may be considered responsible. For example, a worker operating an excavator must be incredibly cautious not to accidentally hit any persons or vehicles on or near the worksite. If this happens, catastrophic injury can occur. The injured person may need representation by a law firm such as Dutton & Drake. Click here to learn how to schedule a free consultation.

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