About Audiology in Naples

by | Jun 29, 2013 | Health

Audiology is the medical aspect that tries to understand the disorder resulting from hearing and balance. These services are important for people who have difficulties with their hearing and may require aids to make it possible.

Audiology services in Naples provides for testing, diagnosis and treatment for all types of hearing disorder. There are very many hearing impairment issues that often need medical attention but most individuals are ignorant of their effects. A good audiology Naples response is dependent on unique technology that helps solve the hearing problems.

Audiology services in Naples touches on a number of things. First, there is the hearing testing and screening. This service is available for children, senior citizens and other adults. Once the doctor suspects that you may be having a problem with your hearing, then it is mandatory that you undergo the screening test to ascertain the suspicions as well as find out how big the damage is.

The other audiology service in Naples is the hearing loss evaluation. At this stage, the patient is taken through a complete testing routine for hearing, balance and dizziness issues. This helps in determining which measures can be used to best resolve the identified problem.

After the examination and evaluation process, the doctor may come up with a solution that may require the use of hearing aids. One of the audiology services in Naples is concerned with how these gadgets get to the patient. It ensures that the patient receive the correct aid to facilitate recovery or assist to manage the condition if it is beyond cure. On the same note, it is also the groups work to ensure that the hearing aids are repaired when there is a problem. Patients may tamper with their hearing aids causing some form of fault. It is an audiology service to ensure that theses gears are repaired and functioning properly so as to help the patient more.

The other services offered by an audiology team in Naples would be to ensure ear protection attenuation measures are adhered. They are also the team that deals with referrals to ENT specialists and other physicians in cases the patient requires it.



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