About Dentures in St. Petersburg

If you are missing teeth and have poor oral health, it can be difficult to chew or even speak correctly. Not only does the health of your mouth cause issues in your body, but it can also lead to low self-esteem, making you embarrassed to smile. There are now many options that can allow you to regain your smile. At NuSmile Dentistry, patients are finding that dentures can provide a great option and give them back the beautiful smile that they have lost.

If you are looking for Dentures St. Petersburg offices, there are many to choose from. These dentists are specially trained to handle dentures and extractions. You will first be examined by the dentist to check the health of your mouth and gums. If you have any teeth that need to be pulled, your dentist will take care of that and then measure you for your dentures.

Depending on what type of dentures you are getting, your dentist will make a special mold of your mouth. This mold will help him or her to make your dentures to custom fit your mouth exclusively. This helps to ensure a good fit, so that your dentures will not slip and slide on your gums when you eat, drink, or talk.

You will most likely be given your dentures that same day. Your dentist will put your dentures in and make sure that they fit the right way and are comfortable in your mouth. It is important to understand that your gums may feel irritated while they try to get used to the new dentures. This irritation will go away within a few days and should not last more than a week or so.

To ensure that your mouth and gums stay healthy, it is important to follow your dentist’s advice for cleaning and care. Your dentist will inform you of how to care for your dentures so that they stay in good shape. You will also see your dentist a couple of times a year to ensure that your dentures are performing well for you.

If you have missing teeth, you do not have to be stuck with this for the rest of your life. The new dentures look more natural than ever and can give you back the smile that you have lost, increasing your confidence and improving your life.

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