About Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring in Chicago is coming back into vogue.  With all of the choices from laminate to engineered flooring it has become much more affordable than ever before.  It can project a sense of permanence to a home and has always been a classic choice.  There is a large range of options from the type of wood that is used to the finishes which can be applied.

You will be able to purchase hardwood flooring in Chicago which is either prefinished or unfinished.  The obvious advantage to the prefinished flooring is that it is convenient.  You don’t have to wait for it to be sanded and stained and then sealed.  The prefinished flooring is less mess and can be walked on as soon as it is installed.  If you are using the engineered type of hardwood flooring it can be installed almost like a floating floor.  It has tongue and groove sides that easily snap together and does not require nails.  Often you can install this flooring yourself.

Unfinished hardwood flooring is more traditional.  You will also get a uniform seal that you can’t get with the prefinished flooring.  The unfinished hardwood flooring in Chicago will probably be best done by a professional.  They will be able to make sure that all the small gaps are properly sealed.  This does provide better protection from moisture getting into the wood.

The hardwood flooring you are likely the most familiar with has a smooth refined finish.  However, another type of hardwood flooring is becoming popular.  It is the handscaped hardwood flooring.  Each plank is given a contoured seasoned surface.  This will give your hardwood flooring a more rustic lived-in feel, like it has been around more years that it really has.

The variations in hardwood flooring in Chicago have become even wider with the addition of the variety of stains that are available.  Some stains are designed to bring out the natural beauty and grain of the hardwood flooring.  Others are designed to change the color completely.  This gives the consumer the option of having the durability of one type of wood while having the color of another type.

In today’s hardwood floor marketplace you can find hardwood flooring for almost any room in your home.  It is easy to find just the right flooring to fit your décor.

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