About Implants in Searcy

When you have missing teeth, it can lead to many different problems in your life. You may have trouble smiling because you are embarrassed about your missing teeth. You may also have difficulty eating properly because you are unable to chew your food thoroughly. With missing teeth, you also may experience issues that can affect your speech. If you have missing teeth, there are now many Implants in Searcy that can help you to regain your smile.

Today’s implants have come a long way over the years. They are now more safe and less intrusive than ever before. When you first come in for your procedure, the dentist will check your mouth and perform X-rays. This will help him or her to decide if Implants in Searcy are right for you.

After you have been examined, your dentist will explain the procedure to you. Normally done under local anesthetic, your anchors will first be placed into your gums. This procedure will be done for each missing tooth. Once your anchors are in place, you will need time to heal. This usually takes about three weeks. After the three weeks, you will come back to see Jason T. Bolding DDS so that he can check your gums, to make sure that they have properly healed and are ready for the implants to be put into place.

Once the anchors are healed, the prosthetic teeth are firmly and carefully placed on. This provides a tight and secure fit that can last for many years to come and even for a lifetime, with proper care. The process should not be painful, though you may feel some pressure as each tooth is placed onto the anchor.

After the teeth are in, the dentist will check each one and shape them properly. This helps them to blend in well with your other teeth so that your bite is not affected. This is an important part of the process, so your dentist will make sure that he or she takes time to get everything in shape.

If you are ready for Implants in Searcy, contact your dentist right away. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel and look with the latest implants available.

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