About Wisdom Teeth

The Dentists Lubbock TX must remove an impacted tooth stuck in the jawbone or has never broken through the gum line area. Wisdom teeth are normally the last tooth behind all of the other teeth. The wisdom teeth begin to grow in between the ages of ages of 16 and 25 and most people have four wisdom teeth but some have less than the that. The extra teeth are called supernumerary teeth and it commonly affects the other teeth as they continue to grow by erupting through the gum line. The wisdom teeth can easily become impacted and extraction is best when this occurs. Wisdom teeth can greatly affect the other teeth by either growing improperly and/or debris accumulates creating tooth decay.

Food particles can get stuck behind the wisdom teeth which are hard to remove with proper oral hygiene such as flossing and brushing. An infection can occur when food gets stuck below the jawbone area and it cause lot of unwanted pain affecting the patient’s health too. Additional reasons why wisdom teeth need to be removed include wisdom teeth rubbing against the tongue or cheeks causing pain, teeth becoming crowded due to not enough room in the mouth within the jaw or in the mouth.

There are several risks that might happen after a tooth or teeth extraction procedure is completed. Dentists Lubbock TX encourages their dental patients to follow all of the instructions they are given as disregarding them can be very dangerous and can result is numerous problems. These problems can be life-threatening such as a serious infection occurring after the completed extraction. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause gum ulcers, and pain and swelling for some people. Before having the wisdom teeth removed it’s a good idea to prepare for the after effects of the removal. Unfortunately you will still be groggy, drowsy and tired after the tooth extraction operation. Make sure to have a responsible person who is able to drive you to the clinic and back home. They should be able to help you with picking up any medications at the drugstore after the extraction surgery procedure. Avoid any foods that require chewing and foods that are served extremely hot or cold as the mouth will be sensitive.

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