AC Tips to Live By

Air conditioning units will not make you sick, unless they are not kept up to standards and are dirty. With summer over halfway over, battles over the thermostat in homes and offices have taken their tolls. Ladies are donning strapless dresses and men are in their suits and ties. What’s the problem, you ask? Controlling the thermostat! No one wants to be left with sneezing fits and a runny nose, nor dripping in a puddle of their own sweat.

Can air conditioning make us sick, though? The answer is no. We get sick for the same reasons as the rest of the year: exposure to bacteria, viruses and allergens. AC has many advantages though:

Extreme heat lowers the physical and intellectual performance

Anything above 78 degrees and a person cannot sleep well

Most air conditioners are equipped with filters that clean the air

Low temperatures reduce the presence of insects and parasites

By lowering the temperature, we sweat less which means we are dehydrated less

But it is true that all these advantages also have problems attached to them that you should be aware of:

Air conditioning removes moisture from the air, and cold, dry air irritates the eyes and nose. Living in the mountains has a similar effect.

The sudden cold can quickly enter the blood vessels in the skull and cause headaches, imitating a “brain freeze” when eating ice cream.

Finding the right AC contractor in Reno area is easy because of the constant need for air conditioning in the area. The specialists are trained and certified in every area of the business and you should choose a company that you are comfortable working with. Here are some other ways you can help save money when using the AC.

When wearing summer clothes, a comfortable temperature to use is between 73 and 78 degrees. No need to set the thermostat below that.

Clean the filters with soap and water every couple of months or change them if you have disposable filters.

While the AC keeps can keep you cool and comfortable, turning the thermostat too low can increase your electricity usage. Keeping filters clean not only increases efficiency buy decreases allergens and airborne pathogens. Proper maintenance and upkeep can also help in both aspects.

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