Accused of a DWI? Hire a Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS

Most people don’t wake up and decide to be arrested for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs. A person with a chronic pain condition may have used pain medication for several years with no symptoms of drowsiness or impairment. Therefore one morning when they had to get to work, they decided to take a pill to help them move more easily. Unfortunately, a car cut them off at an intersection and they didn’t respond fast enough to avoid an accident. They were taken to a hospital where blood tests were used to assess their health. When the test indicated opiates in the blood, the police were notified. The person was arrested for driving under the influence. Fortunately they contacted a DWI Defense Attorney.

The lawyer will work to prove that although they were driving while using medication, they were not impaired. These types of medication don’t affect all people the same way. The lawyer will contact medical experts to show that someone who was using their prescription medication properly could reasonably expect to drive a car safely. They will show that the driver is one of those people. Since driver has used and driven with the medication for a number of years, that spotless driving record will be entered. They will also interview the police and paramedics who responded to the accident. None of them had any indication that the defendant was using any medication. He seemed alert and in control of his mind and body.


The Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS will also show that even a person who wasn’t using any medication could not have prevented that accident from occurring. They will look at the traffic accident assessment to prove that the defendant was in no way at fault. Given the number of surveillance cameras, they may be able to find video that supports their good driving claims. Click here to know more

It’s also necessary to look at the driving record of the other driver. If they have had several collisions, then they have a pattern of irresponsible driving. All of these factors can be used to show that the defendant was not driving will intoxicated or while impaired by drug use and did not cause an accident.

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