Acquiring a Better Understanding with a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Whidbey Island WA

In Nevada, a wrongful death implies that the fatality could have been avoided. The circumstances in which the fatality happened could have presented an alternative option. The choice to continue in a course of action that leads to negligence makes the defendant liable. A wrongful death lawyer in Whidbey Island WA helps the families of these victims file a claim today.

How Did the Victim Die?

An autopsy is often performed to identify the exact cause of death. Forensic testing may be performed along with the autopsy to show how the injuries were produced. The type of personal injury could determine how the evidence is presented. For example, a medical malpractice may require extensive medical records. An auto accident may require the results of a pending criminal case.

Identifying the Alternative Choice

The alternative choice is presented to show that the defendant had a choice to prevent the fatality. With a medical malpractice, this choice could be to follow proper protocol during a surgery. For an auto accident, this choice could be to drive while intoxicated.

Proving the Liability

Liability has to be proven when there is a connection between the defendant’s actions and the victim’s injuries directly. A criminal infraction could prove an immediate connection. For instance, the defendant’s conscious choice to shoot the victim presents this immediate liability. It wasn’t a matter of self-defense or an unavoidable circumstance. It was, in fact, the defendant’s choice.

Securing a Medical Witness for the Case

A medical witness is used to present the findings of the autopsy and forensic testing. The witness must have proper credentials to provide testimony in these cases. For example, if it is a medical malpractice claim, the witness must share the same credentials as the defendant. They must provide evidence of these credentials to the court.

In Nevada, a wrongful death implies that the death of the victim could have been stopped. The findings of these cases present a liability or negligent act on the defendant’s part. The victim’s family must provide clear evidence of this act to prove that the fatality was avoidable. Families who need to hire a wrongful death lawyer in Whidbey Island WA should visit for more information today.

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