Acupuncture: a Short Overview

Tired of using drugs to treat the pain? You might consider solutions other than conventional medicine, like natural remedies or holistic treatments. One such treatment is acupuncture. It’s a pain relief system that’s not dependent on drugs but rather on the belief that the body has the capacity to heal itself. Unlike modern medicine that focuses mostly on curing the symptoms of the disease, this health care system emphasizes lifestyle changes alongside with the treatment.

Balance is Key
According to WebMD, the treatment originated from China and has been in practice for centuries. It’s founded on the notion that chi or energy is everywhere and that it flows through your body through meridians, which are thought to be pathways.
Any blockage in these pathways results in an unbalanced chi. Acupuncturists widely hold to the belief that these issues can be resolved by unblocking the pathways. By applying pressure to certain parts of the body with these needles, acupuncturists believe the flow of energy can be improved and the balance of your chi, restored.

How Does It Happen?
Thin needles are inserted into your body at varying depths. These are directed at specific points, largely depending on the part that has to be treated or is need of pain relief.

Does It Hurt?
Worried about the pain? No need—when these needles go into your skin, there’s no discomfort or pain. The most you’ll likely feel is a mild pressure just until the tip of the needle reaches the necessary depth. You might feel a little tingle in the area or a slight numbness. That’s normal. A bit of soreness or itchiness might also be expected. Some regard these as signs that the flow of energy has been successfully accessed, if not changed, realigned or redirected.

Who is It Ideal For?
This pain relief system is useful for treating a variety of health conditions. Those who suffer from vomiting as well as bouts of nausea caused by pregnancy or post-surgery pain often find tremendous relief through this treatment. Patients undergoing radiation as well as chemotherapy also find this effective in alleviating and easing the nausea and vomiting in the aftermath of the treatment. Have a bad case of menstrual cramps? This treatment eases the cramps and gives you welcome relief from the pain.

And if you’ve got back pain, this is one of the many non-invasive treatments you could try. Since acupuncture is non-invasive, you wouldn’t have to worry about the long recovery times associated with surgery as well as the astronomical costs. All these make the treatment ideal both for patients who suffer short-term and long-term pain. For more information on pain management treatments, visit us at the Johnston Health Center.

Treat the pain without the drugs. We offer acupuncture services for effective pain relief. Call us at Johnston Health Center to schedule your first session today! You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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