Addiction Treatment Focuses on Total Healing

Traditional addiction treatments focused solely on the problem. Rather than trying to figure out how to heal the body, mind, and soul, therapists and doctors just tried to figure out how to help addicts beat the addiction and recover. This method of addiction recovery often led to short-term results with a high percentage of relapses and a return to the same treatments.

Today, therapists and doctors realize that addiction is multi-faceted and more than just the drugs or alcohol needs to be considered during addiction treatment Pennsylvania drug therapists work to help people overcome and recover from addictions, while at the same time helping them to heal everything that the addiction has damaged.

Addiction Affects People Differently

When someone enters treatment, his or her story is never going to be exactly the same as another’s story. Many people become addicted to mind altering drugs because it allows them a short-term escape from reality. Some drugs make people feel so good while on the high that eventually the person can’t function without the drug. In other situations, a person just needs one hit a day in order to function and feel centered. No matter the background to someone’s story, total healing occurs when treatments focus on the body, mind, and spirit.

Multi-faceted Therapy Brings Long-Term Results

Long-term success is the primary goal of all addiction treatment. Pennsylvania residents who need help with addictions should find a center that understands the importance of nurturing all aspects of an addiction. While it’s important to become humble and accept an addiction, doctors and nutritionists should also be on hand to help addicts understand how diet and exercise plays a part in recovery.

Holistic addiction treatment in Pennsylvania is a great way to begin recovering from drug and alcohol abuse while at the same time being nurtured during the process of recovery. Therapists and doctors that understand the different facets of addiction can help people discover the root of their addictions and overcome them.

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