Adding Value To Zinc Electroplating Solutions

The protection of metal parts and components is important to OEMs for several reasons. Through the addition of the right metal finishing option, the life cycle of the part can be maximized by reducing the risk of corrosion and surface wear and tear.

In addition, the choice of specific types of metal finishing options, including zinc electroplating process, actually creates a layer coating the surface that will corrode before the base metal, literally sacrificing the plating layer without any weakening of the surface of the metal.

While zinc electroplating itself is effective in many types of applications, there are additional options to consider as well that can further extend the protective abilities of this plating option. Working closely with the metal finishing service can ensure the specific protection needed for the given parts and applications is selected.

When to Use Zinc Electroplating

It is important to realize that zinc plating is a very cost-effective option that provides a controlled, even surface finish. It can be used on most types of metals, including malleable iron, steel, cast iron, brass, and copper. The thickness of the coating can be controlled through the process, and it can be used on simple to complex shapes and parts of all sizes.

Further Coating Options

To add to the protective levels offered by this electroplating process, various trivalent types of coatings can also be applied over the zinc plating. These additional layers of protection not only further reduce corrosion, but they can also be used as RoHS compliant coatings to meet both domestic and international standards and requirements.

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