Addressing the Needs for More Active Youth Participation in Church Services

Part of the reasons why church attendance is declining is the growing number of senior citizens who are physically hindered in attending church services due to disabilities or diseases. Another factor in the dwindling church membership is the lack of youth participation in the worship services. While churches are recognized as a valuable sector of the community, it takes a lot of encouragement to get the attention and active participation of the youth. Churches continue on looking for ways to stem this change by introducing modern innovations in the hope of attracting youthful membership.

Churches in Poway have undertaken several steps to reach out to the youth and make church attendance as among their priorities. In the past, the church used to be the center of a community. Families would come in groups to attend Sunday services. Nowadays churches have more competition than they can handle since most families now prefer to spend their Sundays in other activities. In order to address these problems, churches have started to schedule services within the week and not necessarily on Sundays with the hope of enticing increased church attendance.

Event outside of the normal church activities are planned which includes sports competitions, church fairs and music festivals to encourage youth participation. This is different from their traditional pattern and standard practice but the dwindling membership needs to be immediately addressed. For a long time, Churches in Poway expect families to come because faith is a deeply rooted responsibility to the Lord and they do not need encouragements. When parents go to church, the children tag along but if asked to do so by themselves, they prefer other social activities.

The younger generation no longer put religion and church attendance as their priority. One of the positive innovations that churches have made is to add contemporary music to the services which increases the entertainment value instead of the usual sermons and preaching. Based on studies, churches that have made this approach have experienced a dramatic increase in church attendance from both the youth and adults. Modern innovations are significant since churches need to realize the strong competition in the community.

In spicing up the services, people have more reason to rejoice and celebrate the words of Jesus Christ. This is a fun way to reach to churchgoers and increase their involvement. Another process to spread the words of God is the use of modern technology. Most of the youth are tech savvy and the internet makes it easier for the pastor to spread faith and increase attendance. Social media allows the church to reach their members and keep in touch easily. With social networking, churches can reach a large majority to gain their active participation and involvement in church activities.

People are increasingly using the internet for all aspects of their life and a church without a website is almost considered as invisible. Web presence can invite almost everyone in the network to be actively involved. It can build a relationship to enlarge the church membership and connect to the members to open their hearts to the words of God.

Churches in Poway have created a positive atmosphere where members can share their thoughts and opinions freely in order to encourage active involvement. For more information, please visit

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