Advantages and Considerations to Think About Regarding RV Park in St George Utah

There’s a lifestyle underway in the United States known as the tiny house movement. People who choose to live in tiny houses reside in a home that’s less than 400 sq. ft., in stark contrast to the average U.S. house of more than 2,000 sq. ft. RV Park in St George Utah qualify as tiny homes, since regulations require RVs to be less than 400 sq. ft. These trailers are known in the industry as park models.

Advantages of Tiny Houses

Tiny houses, including RV Park in St George, Utah, are dramatically more affordable than houses of more typical size. A person or couple can move into a brand new abode at a minimal cost, which is not true of frame-built houses anymore. The trailers are especially popular with retirees who live in them full-time or use them as part-time residences. Retirees might spend winters, for instance, and live in their park model during that time.

People who aren’t retired are increasingly drawn to these structures as well. They like the ability to live a simple life without the trappings of a big house that requires maintenance and tends to fill up with belongings. The park model is easy to keep clean and there’s not much room for clutter.


Park models are mostly suitable for individuals and couples, and perhaps a couple with a baby. Before buying one of these RVs with the plan to live in it, people must consider carefully what that small space is like for a residence. The floor plans commonly have one or two bedrooms, but there is still little room for privacy in such a small residence.

Concluding Thoughts

RV park trailers are appealing options for many people, although they aren’t for everyone. Anyone interested in viewing some floor plans and photos of the structures may visit the website, the Internet presence of Iron Springs Adventure Resort. It can be surprising to see how lovely these little buildings are both inside and out. Many look like log cabins and cozy cottages, and they are available with porches that make them feel a bit larger.

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