Advantages And Disadvantages Of Flat Roofing Oregon City, OR

Whether you are building a new residential or commercial building, the roof is one of the essential things to think about. Among the numerous types of roofs in the market, many people gravitate towards installing flat roofs. However, research and compare it to other roofs before deciding whether it suits your building.

Flat Roof Pros

1. Cost-effective

Flat roofs have lower installation and repair costs compared to pitched ones. One of the primary reasons is that they use fewer materials. They are also easy to access, making them easier and cheaper to access and conduct maintenance or repairs.

2. Versatility

Another reason why flat roofing in Oregon City, OR is becoming increasingly popular is the versatility of that space. Residential and commercial buildings can use the roof space to hold HVAC, which would otherwise be installed inside, reducing space.

It is also an excellent place to install solar panels, ensuring you utilize all the best angles. The panels will have maximum sunlight exposure on flat roofs than pitched roofs. You can also have a rooftop garden or relaxation area on the roof.

3. Energy efficient

Sloped roofs sometimes allow cool air to escape the building or trap unwanted warm air. However, the limited overhead space in flat roofs eliminated the chances of air stagnating.


1. Drainage issues

This is one of the biggest challenges with flat roofs. There are higher chances of water, ice, and snow accumulating on the roof.

2. Not as aesthetically pleasing

People with slopped roofs can incorporate different designs on the roofs. They can also use different roof colors. With a flat roof, however, you only have one design and are limited to white, black, or gray roofs.

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