Advantages of Installing Underwater Lighting Systems in Port Charlotte FL

Just as individuals use lighting above ground to see where they are going, lighting may be used underwater to illuminate areas with poor visibility. The underwater lighting systems in Port Charlotte FL may be used as an ornamental purpose such as illuminating a water feature or they may also be used to provide light in dark areas such as in a swimming pool at night.

There are a variety of underwater lighting systems. These systems include:

  • Submersible pond lighting: Allowing spectators to view fish and other water life at nighttime or to watch blooming aquatic plants. This style of lighting also makes the fish more active, making it an attraction that is unforgettable.
  • Underwater pool lighting: A style of lighting that provides light for divers and night swimmers.
  • Solar floating lights: Lighting that absorbs the sun’s energy during the daytime and stores it until night or dusk.
  • Rock lights: A form of lighting that is not noticeable during the daytime but provides an adequate amount of light at night. They may be used both in and out of water.

Underwater lighting systems in Port Charlotte FL may be used for lighting large areas such as large ponds, lakes and even marine life. Many companies also use underwater systems for photography to capture images that are not visible through the earth’s natural light.

Selecting Underwater Lighting Systems

When selecting which style of lighting is best for an outdoor water feature, it is important to take in a few considerations to ensure the best lighting is chosen for the area. These include the following:

  • Mounting options. There are several mounting options that allow underwater fixtures to be mounted.
  • Brightness. It is best to determine how bright the light should be. There are many varieties of brightness options available.
  • Single color or multicolor. Different colors throw light better in different water conditions. For example, blue lighting works well in a wide range of water conditions while green works well with water that is on inland waterways. Red makes the water feel more alive. Choosing which color works best for the space in question can ensure a beautiful sight to see.

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Underwater lighting systems are a fun way to make any area of water come to life and seem more appealing. They also make for an unforgettable viewing experience. For more information on underwater lighting, schedule an appointment with a lighting technician today.

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