Advantages of Living in a Wilmington, NC, Continued Care Retirement Community

If you have a loved one who is advancing in age and cannot continue to live on their own, you might be wondering what the best solution might be. In many cases, the answer is to move into a CCRC in Wilmington, NC. There are many reasons why this is so.

More Independence

Rather than move into a nursing home, a CCRC provides more independence. This is because you can still live in your own private space but still have the security of knowing that there is 24-hour staff provided by the complex.

Social Activities

There are many different types of activities that fill up the calendar in a retirement community. You can feel free to choose to partake in all of them or none of them; the choice is totally up to you. From movie nights to game nights and everything in between, you’ll love the chance to keep busy while living in a CCRC.


It is important to stay fit no matter what age you are. With this in mind, the CCRC in Wilmington, NC, provides many different exercise programs that will suit your interests. From aerobics to strength training and even outdoor physical activities, you can be sure that you are optimizing your health in the best way possible.

Professional Cooking

If you have no desire to cook your own meals, a CCRC provides a dining room that provides a minimum of three meals a day, ensuring that you can dine when you want without the hassle of having to prepare it on your own.

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