Advantages of Using PVC Roofing Systems on Your Property

Pvc Roofing System in Denver, CO offer various advantages compared to other roofing materials. Although a bit costlier compared to their counterparts, the TPO and EPDM rubber roofing systems, PVC roofs offer long service life, durability and cost efficiency. The PVC option is actually the best for commercial, condominium and residential rooftops, some of the advantages of working with this roofing material are listed below.

Flame Resistance

A majority of vinyl membranes do not offer support for flames once a fire source is removed. This high resistance to flames makes the PVC roof easier attain a Class-A fire rating compared to all other roofing options. Incomplete combustion is also a potential for various environmental toxins and the roof membrane on PVC roofs is less likely to emit harmful substances compared to other materials.


PVC membranes are highly flexible allowing you to customize your rooftop for various configurations. Some of the systems are even custom-made in order to fit the requirements of each building, reducing potential of waste and scrap at your job site.


Compared to other roofing systems, PVC is considerably lighter. This means that no extra weight is exerted on your existing structure. For a re-roof, the PVC roofing will work directly with your current system. This will help you avoid unnecessary tear-off costs; significantly reducing your contribution to environmentally harmful landfills.


PVC roof membranes are easily heat-welded producing some of the most reliable and strongest seams available. This will in turn help reduce chances of leaks occurring and interior mold development. Some systems utilize a two-way venting system allowing your system to “breathe” reducing chances of trapped moisture occurring.

Resistant to Chemicals

PVC membranes provide long-term service in harsh environments that your rooftop is likely to experience. In fact, a majority of vinyl roofing systems will remain functional even 30 years after installation.

Easy to Recycle

During the fabrication process of PVC roofing, no waste is produced since the extra material is reground and reused in creating other building components. At the end of their lives, most PVC roofing products can be recycled into roofing materials and even flooring for commercial entities.

For more information about PVC roofing systems and more advantages they offer you, get in touch with the professionals at ACE Roofing & Construction Working with the PVC roofing option offers you flame resistance, flexibility and a light roofing material. Easy recycling allows you to leave a lesser carbon print. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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