Affordable Dental Services in Laurel, MS to Minimize Teeth Sensitivity

When someone feels sensitivity in their teeth often, they probably want to take steps to minimize the feeling. People should look for a practice that offers affordable dental services in Laurel, MS to help with this endeavour.

A dentist will perform a complete evaluation of the teeth and make appropriate recommendations to get the sensitivity to subside. Here are some steps that will aid in keeping sensitivity at bay.

Avoid Substances That Trigger Discomfort

As soon as sensitivity is experienced, it is best to make a notation of any triggers that may have caused discomfort to occur. These triggers can then be avoided in the future. Drinking or eating substances that are extremely hot or cold can exacerbate symptoms. For this reason, it is best to avoid consuming them if possible.

Alternately, allow food to cool or warm up before eating it and use a straw to drink hot or cold beverages. If cold weather causes teeth sensitivity, cover the mouth with a scarf before venturing into freezing temperatures.

Try Changing Brushing Habits

When someone brushes their teeth with the same motion each time, the enamel tends to wear away. It is a wise idea to switch the direction of the brushing each day so enamel does not become worn in one location. Brush with a circular motion one day and change to an up and down motion the next. Begin on the right side of the mouth one day and the left side the next.

Ask a Dentist for Assistance

Going to a dentist is the best way to deal with sensitive teeth as results will be fast in minimizing discomfort felt. A dentist will be able to prescribe toothpaste and mouthwash that will help decrease sensitivity by filling in pitted areas of the teeth so exposed nerve endings are no longer present. They may also recommend placing a crown or filling over areas where the enamel has worn away.

When there is a need for affordable dental services in Laurel, MS, finding a practice that fits the budget is necessary. Visit the website of Midtown Dental Clinic to find out more today.

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