Airport Parking Secrets for the Jacksonville International Airport

How many times have you been excited to book a vacation, but then realize that you have to deal with long-term parking at the airport? If you’re like most travelers, this has happened on at least one occasion. What’s even worse is when you’re traveling for pleasure or business from an airport you have never used before, and discover fees are higher than expected. Fortunately, there is good news, and its good news that’s also somewhat of a secret.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend that much money on long-term parking, even if the airport you’re using charges very high rates. If you live in North Florida and you’re seeking alternatives to JAX parking, there are off-site parking options. This is a relatively well-kept secret, and it holds a ton of value.

The truth is that you can often find cheaper long-term parking outside of the airport. Are you willing to travel a few extra minutes in a shuttle bus to the airport in exchange for saving several dollars each day? Most people would say yes because those dollars add up. All you have to do is take one shuttle bus ride to the airport and one ride returning from the airport, and a shuttle bus ride is always free. Moreover, if you were to use traditional long-term parking inside the airport, you’re still going to need to ride a shuttle bus to the terminal.

If you want ease to your JAX parking woes, then it’s best to consider the alternatives. Our professionals at Jacksonville’s own Green Mango Parking can help meet your parking needs. You can download our app or browse our website for more information on our current parking specials or to sign up for our rewards program.

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