Airport transportation, what’s best?

Arriving at or departing from any airport is fine, but the question begs, what is the best way of getting there and leaving there? Depending on the city, there are a number of different options, all of which have their pros and cons.

If the object is to get from the airport into the city most airports are a terminus for the local bus service. Once you board the bus you are then into the system, you can alight from the bus and get on another. This is ideal if you know the city and the bus system, it’s not a very good choice if you are a stranger to the city.

If your destination is a hotel; larger hotels, especially if they are used extensively by business people, there will often be a shuttle service. Many hotels have their own small shuttle buses; others have a common shuttle bus that makes a circuit. This is a good choice if your destination is a hotel but not if you’re going elsewhere.

A Cambridge MA taxi to airport is perhaps the best choice. Although it is more expensive than public transportation, it is more reliable and as it does not have to follow a specific route it is free to make diversions to overcome such things as road construction or heavy traffic. If you are taking a Cambridge MA taxi to airport you will be picked up at your home in plenty of time, there will be no stress on your trip. It is also easy to book the taxi online. One of the best things about the taxi is the fact that the ride is yours, you are not sharing it with anyone nor do you have to make multiple stops.

The most expensive way to get to and from any airport is a limousine service. This is especially true if you take the limo exclusively. In many cases a limo is shared by a number of people all of whom are heading in the same general direction, they can share the cost amongst them. Although the limo gives door to door service, you must consider the number of others that are also going home, the ride may be smooth but it may take more time and cost about the same as an exclusive Cambridge MA taxi to airport.

Metric Cab Inc offers a Cambridge MA taxi to airport service for a fixed fee which are very reasonable for what you get; a clean, safe and comfortable ride to the airport with a professional and very cautious driver behind the wheel.



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